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Round Base End Decks

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Features of these Retail Store Fixtures:

Durable and reliable steel construction

Largest selection of steel colors for customizing

Largest selection of sizes for customizing

Round Base End Decks are retail store fixtures from Gondola World which serve as an ideal stacking deck on the end of a gondola store fixture or which can be used with the slotted end frame to change it to a complete end unit with rounded corners. Eliminate that sharp edge and add a smooth look quickly. In addition, these round base end decks can be ordered in custom colors and sizes to match your other Handy Store Fixtures gondola shelving units. These and many of our other custom retail store fixtures and gondola shelving units can help with flexibility and versatility from season to season, with overstock items, or with point of purchase presentations. Begin your gondola shelving purchase below or contact us today for immediate sales assistance.

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